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Maria Palafox, MD

Breast Cancer Surgeon & General Surgeon located in San Antonio, TX

No one wants to have surgery, but when it comes to breast cancer, surgical intervention is one of the best ways to rid yourself of the disease once and for all. At Maria Palafox, MD, Dr. Maria Palafox specializes in breast cancer surgery, making her the ideal choice for women in San Antonio. Dr. Palafox is Hidden Scar™-certified and has extensive surgical experience helping breast cancer patients beat cancer without leaving behind battle wounds. To learn more about minimally invasive breast cancer procedures, call or book an appointment online.

Breast Cancer Surgery Q & A

Why do I need breast cancer surgery?

The simple answer to this question is: to remove your cancer.

However, the decision to undergo breast cancer surgery is often complicated. Many of the reasons patients undergo breast cancer surgery include:

  • To remove the breast cancer
  • To determine whether the cancer has spread to neighboring lymph nodes
  • As a prophylactic measure, especially for women who have a genetic condition that makes them more susceptible to the cancer
  • To reconstruct your breasts after removing the cancer

After extensive examination, genetic counseling, and testing that includes advanced imaging, Dr. Palafox sits down with you to review your best options.

What are my options in breast cancer surgery?

There are two options when it comes to breast cancer surgery, which are:


A lumpectomy is considered a breast-conserving procedure, during which Dr. Palafox targets the area containing the cancer and removes it, leaving as much of your breast intact as possible.


In a mastectomy, Dr. Palafox removes your entire breast, which includes all of your breast tissue and sometimes the surrounding tissue, depending on the extent of the disease.

How is breast cancer surgery performed?

Breast cancer surgery is not an easy decision to make, especially for cosmetic reasons. Dr. Palafox understands this, which is why she often turns to techniques that leave behind minimal scarring and muscle damage.

To do this, she performs lumpectomies using laparoscopic equipment.

Whether these minimally invasive techniques are available to you depends on how advanced your cancer is and how much tissue Dr. Palafox needs to remove. Rest assured that she does everything in her power to leave the smallest footprint possible.

What is Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery?

Dr. Palafox is Hidden Scar-certified, which means she’s trained in techniques that dramatically reduce scarring.

The goal of Hidden Scar surgery is to hide the incision to preserve the appearance of your breasts, while also thoroughly removing the cancer. A secondary goal of Hidden Scar surgery is to spare your nipple.

To learn more about breast cancer surgeries that are long on results and short on scarring, call Maria Palafox, MD, or make an appointment online.